Creating a wedding day timeline

This is a crucial piece in helping your wedding day run smooth! Having an order of things and keeping everything organized can really make all the difference in a flawless wedding day.

Here at HeadTrauma Entertainment we actually create a wedding day timeline for you. The DJ is ultimately responsible (Unless you have a wedding planner) to keep the entire reception running on schedule. 

We believe this is actually one of our strongest areas. Leading up to your wedding our we have you fill out our online questionnaire. It's located here

We then take this information and plug it all into a grand master schedule. This master schedule is very detailed with such things as when events will be taking place, at what time, and how they will be done. 

We send this master schedule back and forth with the Bride and Groom to ensure we are always on the same page and there is never any surprises on the big day! We even then send this schedule to the other vendors working the wedding so they are also on the same page throughout the entire day.

We truly believe that this transforms a wedding with a peace of mind into a flawless day. It's just one of the many things that makes us the best in the business here at HeadTrauma Entertainment. We hope that you would like to experience our professionalism for yourself at your upcoming wedding.

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