Why the name HeadTrauma?

The Founder of HeadTrauma Entertainment Carson Parmenter, has had a tremendous impact on his life 6 years ago due to receiving 5 major concussions in a 1 year time span. He lost most of memories of his friends, and even some family members. He dealt with anxiety, depression, and many other side affects during this time. Through this and these struggles Carson began to form his life dream, he wanted to create a company that could help create other people special memories that they could keep forever!


What has made me so passionate is knowing what it’s like to lose all of your memories. To now be in a spot where I’m able to be apart of, and CREATE memories for others is what gives me great happiness and purpose in my life
— Carson Parmenter

He then began to DJ and began DJ'ing under the name DJ HeadTrauma. He began creating environments for people to share memories at Weddings, Parties, Dances, and events of all kind. Soon HeadTrauma Entertainment was born, now offering a variety of services such as DJ's, Photography, Videography, Live Music, Photo Booth, and Caricature Artists! Making snd being apart of memories that may even last a lifetime is truly this companies greatest passion. To be apart of an event is something we do not take lightly, to play even just a small role in helping you create a memory with the people you care most about, is what gives us purpose. We are so incredibly thankful for all the opportunities we have been given to do that. We are looking forward to all the memories still yet to be made in the future!

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