Planning a wedding during the holiday season

The Holiday season is busy enough! I am sure you can't even begin to think about how to keep planning your wedding during the holiday season and fit everything in! 

Here's a few tips on how you can double up this holiday season and even take out two birds with one stone!

1. Take advantage of holiday get togethers

From your Grandparents to your cousins you might only see once a year this is the perfect opportunity to ask your family about input on your wedding, receive new ideas, and advice. Ask your family about family wedding photo's, what kind of music everyone likes, and make sure to make sure you didn't forget anyone on the guest list :)

2. Double up on your shopping trips

Holiday's are a perfect time to save money on items you could also use at your wedding such as any DIY materials you might need or even a flight and hotel for your honeymoon!

3. Get appointments scheduled ahead of time

Just like everyone else wedding vendors also may have busy holiday schedules. Some may be busy with holiday parties and spending time with their own families. If you are wanting to arrange phone calls or meetings in the month of December, make sure to schedule those as soon as possible so there won't be conflict with scheduling around other family and holiday festivities.

4. Check your list

Take a look at your wedding checklist (If you need one you can use ours here)

Try and get as much crossed off the list early in the month. Make sure you can have a peace of mind to allow yourself to enjoy the Holidays :)


Enjoy your time with family and friends! Just think, for many of you next Christmas you will be married! This is such an exciting time! Make sure to take it all in and enjoy every minute of this wonderful time of the year! :)

Carson ParmenterComment