Recently Engaged?

Congratulations! How exciting! We all know that one of the very first questions people are going to ask you is what your wedding date is!? But you won't be able to set the official date until a few big decisions are made.

The first big decision is to book a wedding venue.Think about the season you prefer, think about other holidays or other family events you don't want it to interfere with.

After you have chosen a few dates begin to think about what style and location you want to go for. Does a lot of your family live far away, a good central location could be a good spot. Or maybe you've always had a dream venue, rustic or modern feel? Outside or Inside? We recommend to go and visit as many places as you can to get the feel you are going for.

Now it's time to set your budget. Sit down with both of your families to find out how much everyone is contributing. This is an important factor in your wedding planning so you you can make realistic decisions when choosing your vendors.

Drafting the guest list is up next. This can be a time consuming task so make sure to start this early giving yourself plenty of time. Make sure to run it by both of your families as well to make sure you have included everyone who should be there. This is also important to factor in your budget. More people = More money to accommodate the guests.

Begin your wedding registry. Register for a few items early. This will make it easier on your family and friends so that way they don't have to remember to ask you. A great way to do this is on a wedding website, or by word of mouth.

Choose your wedding party. It's time for you to propose now, and pick those few people who are going to be apart of your big day! Make sure to let them know just how much you appreciate them and how you want to show them a great time!

Hire your vendors. Go to bridal shows and research online. Reviews are an excellent way to see previous brides experiences with the vendor you are looking into. For entertainment you are already at the right place! Here at HeadTrauma Entertainment we provide DJ's, Photography, Videography, live Music, Photo Booth's, and Caricature Artists. We are essentially a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. 

Shop Dresses! It's time to find the perfect dress of yours!Bring your maid of honor along for the ride so she can help you with all the different choices.

Enjoy the BIG DAY! :)

For a more detailed list of wedding planning see our 12 month+ Wedding planning guide by clicking here



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