Engagement Party Planning Tips And Tricks!

      Now that you’re finally engaged, it’s time to celebrate with the most important people in your life and to show off that beautiful new ring! Below we’ve listed just a few small Planning tips to help you stay oragainzed while planning your engagement party! 


1.) Figure out your guest list  

Everyone who is invited to the engagement party should probably be invited to the wedding as well.  But if you are looking to have a big engagement party but small wedding, let your guests know so that no feelings are hurt. 


2.) Register for gifts soon! 

Make sure to register for gifts beforehand, so that guests who are wanting to bring a present have an idea of what to get.  


3.) There’s no rush!  

Even though it’s very exciting to be newly engaged and wanting to share the news as soon as possible, remember that it doesn’t all have to be done at once. It’s okay to throw your engagement party 2 to 3 months after you’ve been engaged. Take time to breathe and enjoy your newly engaged status without all the stress of planning!  


4.) There is still a wedding to enjoy  

Remeber that the main event is still a while to come and you don’t want to upstage your big day. Try to set a different mood, but still staying true to who you and your partner are as a couple! Rememeber, the fun is just beginning!

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