8 Last Minute Wedding Details You Can't Forget!

 Your big day is just around the corner and you have planned, saved, budgeted and researched and all your hard work is about to pay off! But to make sure your wedding day is smooth sailing, it's important to check all the last minute details off your list. Here we've written just a few of some things to make sure you have done so you can enjoy your wedding day that you have been waiting for for so long! 



1. Make a music playlist  

Make a playlist for dinner and dancing but also make sure to make clear what songs you don't want played.  


2.  Make tip envelopes 

 An easy tip to reduce chaos is to put aside your tips for vendors ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is pull out a bunch of money all night to pay people. 


3.  last dress fitting 

Make sure to have your final dress fitting shortly before your wedding to make sure all the little altercations are done. 


4.  Comfirm delivery times 

 Confirm will all your vendors and deliveries on when everything will take place and make sure everything falls within the correct time. 


5. Pack for your honeymoon  

 Save yourself the stress and pack for your honeymoon the night before your big day!


6.  Get your wedding rings 

It's important to pick up your wedding rings a few day before the wedding. 


7.  Make a final headcount 

Make sure you give your caterer an accurate headcount of guests a few days before your big day so no food goes to waste.


8. Appoint a go to person

Your wedding day will be filled with questions and a thousand different conversations. This is why it's important to have a go to person to answer any questions or to help you with any needs during the wedding process. 




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