6 Questions to Ask At Your Dress Fitting

 Wedding dress fittings can be very exciting, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before going in to get any altercations done or fitted. Read on for questions you should ask at your dress fitting!


1.  How many fittings should you have? 

 It's good to stay up to date with your schedules and appointments. Make sure to schedule fittings to check up on the progress of your altercations and to make sure the dress fits.


2.  How long will altercations take?

 Depending on your dress, altercations may take a long time to do so it's smart to get your dress well in advance of your wedding. 


3.  Will there be unexpected costs? 

Make sure to ask upfront if there will be any extra cost for certain altercations.  


4.  What's the coverage if the dress gets damaged? 

Mistakes happen so it's a good idea to ask what kind of policy they have in case the worst case scenario happens. Make sure you understand the guidelines and isnsurace in case your dress happens to get damaged.


5.  What should you wear to the next fitting?

Ask what kind of things you should bring or wear to your next fitting like shoes or a veil. It's also important to wear the same undergarments that you'll wear the day of the wedding!



6.  How should you preserve your dress? 

If preserving your dress is something you want to do, ask your tailor how to protect your dress after your big day so that you can remember it for years to come!

Cali ParmenterComment