5 Things You Can't Forget The Night Before Your Wedding

As your big day approaches faster and faster, the more excited and anticipated you will become. With all of this, it's easy to forget some details and get distracted. Here are a few things to help you remember the most easiest things to forget!!  


1.  Get your vendor tips ready 

 With all of the stress and excitement during your wedding day, the last thing you want to worry about it's getting tips together for vendors. A good idea is to put your tips in different envelopes for each vendor and hand them out at the end of the night! 


2.  Pack for your honeymoon 

A good idea is to pack for your honeymoon the day before your big day. Make sure you pack everything you need and will make sure you have less stress and more time to enjoy your wedding day! 


 3.  Get plenty of sleep 

Make sure you are well rested and eat a good breakfast so that you are at your best! 


4.  Set out your wardrobe for the big day!

Set out your dress and shoes the night before so that everything is set out, ready, and fresh. 


5.  Submit your wedding license 

Make sure to remember to give your officiant your wedding license or give it to a trusting memeber of your bridal team to hold on to until the time comes to submit it!  

Cali ParmenterComment