5 Ways To Entertain Kids At Your Wedding

If you are planning on having kids at your wedding it's a good idea to have things that will keep them occupied and busy. It's easy for a kid to get bored and just want to play and have fun!! So here are a few ways to entertain kids at your wedding!


1.  Bubble Basket 

A inexpensive and fun idea to have at your wedding is bubbles! There's so clean up and they are super affordable. 


 2. Disposable cameras

Give the kids disposable cameras and a list of things to take pictures of. It will keep them occupied and at the end you'll have tons of cute pictures from the kids! 


3.  Lawn games 

Provide a few lawn games like ladder toss or giant Jenga. They will love to have fun games to play with eachother! 


4.  Candy bar

 Kids love candy and will love to have a help- yourself candy bar!


5.  Color a card 

Place some paper and crayons at each kids seat and tell them to "make the bride and groom" a card. It will keep them busy while they are waiting to eat! 

Cali ParmenterComment