10 Tips To Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding Day!

Your wedding day will go by before you even know it, so here are just a few tips and tricks to make sure that you expirence it all and enjoy every moment of this special day!


1. Give yourself enough time to get ready 

Make sure you leave yourself enough time to get ready so you don't feel rushed and can stay relaxed!


2.  Break your shoes in ahead of time

It's a good idea to break in your new shoes ahead of time to avoid blisters and painful feet. 


3.  Hire a wedding planner if possible 

Wedding planners are a blessing and can really help take a lot of stress off of you with wedding planning and on the wedding day! 


4. Wedding day survival kit

Make sure to put together a small wedding survival kit to prepare for the worst. Include things like deodorant, bobby pins, safety pins, mints, and hairspray. 


5. Make sure to take it all In

 Your wedding day will go by in a blur, so make sure to take a few moments through out the day to take it all in and to expirence all the hard work you put in to it. 


 6.  Take Selfies


7. Dance! 

 Don't be afraid to get out on the dance floor and dance to your favorite songs with the people you love. You deserve it!


8.  Get a good nights sleep

 Get to bed at a decent hour so that you can be at your best the day of your wedding!


9. Eat a good breakfast  

Eating a good breakfast will keep your energy up through the day ahead of you. 


10.  Give a thank you speech 

 Make sure to thank all the people at your wedding who made it even more special. They will appreciate it!