6 Ways To Make Your Wedding More "You"!


Your wedding should be a memorable day for not only you, but your guests also. Your wedding should symbolize who you are as a couple and the love you have for eachother! Here we've listed a few ways to add more personal touches to your wedding and to really show who you are as individuals as well as a couple!



1. Write your own vows 

What better way to be personal and show your love for eachother than writing your own vows! 


2.  Your outfits 

What you wear for the wedding will really express who you are as an individual. Don't be afraid to show off your style wether it be boho chic, modern, or vintage. Wear it with pride!


3.  DIY

Don't be afraid to get crafty and create and design some things for your wedding as a couple. It will be a great bonding expirence for both of you and also will save money!


4.   Use your imagination 

Get creative and make the wedding of your dreams! Choose colors and themes that match your personality and something that you will enjoy! 


5.  Special song or musical guest 

Entertain your guests in your own unique way! Have a special friend come and perform on your big day or better yet, a performance from the newly weds!!


6.  Speech from the newlyweds

This is the time to say and do anything you want. Don't just thank your guests, but you could even take it further by telling one of your favorite stories as a couple or how you two fell in love. Either way, make it memorable!