5 Spring Wedding Tips!!

Spring weddings can be incredibly beautiful, especially with the blooming flowers and bright scenery. If you are planning a spring wedding, keep reading below to get more tips on how to make your big day even better!

1.) Floral Crowns

Floral crowns have become increasingly popular in wedding style! They are super cute and make for a very earthy and fresh theme! What makes them great is that they can easily be DIY’ed and are very affordable! Everyone from the bride to the flower girls and bridesmaids can wear them and add a very creative piece to your outfit!

2.) Wedding arches

Having an outdoor wedding gives you a lot of room to be creative with the space given to you. Arches are a beautiful and unique focal point for a ceremony and can practically be decorated any way you choose! Going with rustic or earthy decorations for the arch will make for a beautiful background and scenery!

3.) Fairy lights

Fairy lights can offer a warm and comforting feel to any space or environment and looks especially unique when used outdoors! They offer a cozy and romantic atmosphere and will look great practically anywhere you put them, and you could even make a tent out of them!

4.) Bouquets

Bouquets of bright and mixed flowers will look great at any wedding no matter the color scheme or theme! Bright colors and flowers scream spring and nature, so if this is what you are going for, bright bouquets is the way to do it!

5.) Floral wedding cake

The wedding cake is an important feature of any wedding and how it is decorated is everything! Having flowers or ivy as decorations on the cake will look beautiful and rustic and perfectly fit in with a spring vibe!

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