DJ  Frequently Asked Questions


We recognize that most of our clients don’t hire music entertainment very often. In fact, many people don’t even know what to ask when hiring a DJ service. We’ve assembled this list of the most frequently asked questions to help you learn more about our service and to help you make a more informed decision about the music entertainment at your event.



How far ahead should we book your service?

It depends upon the date. Some clients choose to contract a year or more in advance, while some are comfortable waiting until several months prior. Saturdays are the busiest days, so waiting too long to hire a DJ (or any service) for a Saturday should be done as soon as possible.


Will there be only one DJ at the wedding or does someone help the DJ?

There will be only one DJ at your wedding. You will be introduced to who your DJ immediately after you inquire about your date, so you'll know who he is and begin to talk about your wedding details with him.


Do you have a contract to sign? 

Yes, we do have a contract for you to sign if you are wanting to book. We handle all of or contracts online where you will be able to sign right on your phone or computer.


Is there a deposit to reserve my date?

There is a 50% deposit required to reserve your date.


What forms of payment do you take?

We take all major credit cards, cash, and checks.


Do you have payment plans?

Yes, we have very flexible payment plans. We can set up weekly, bi weekly, and  monthly payment plans


Do you have backup equipment in case something would happen?

Yes, we have backup equipment on hand in case something would fail. We also have backup DJ's in the case of an emergency.


Do you have a big selection of music?

We provide everything from the older stuff, line dances, country, and today’s hits. We know many weddings have very diverse crowds and we can accommodate everyone from any age group and preferences. 


Can we have any special songs played that are personally recorded?

Yes, You can always send us any personal recordings from you or a family member that you would like played.


Are you willing to work with a wedding planner or day of coordinator if we have one?

Absolutely! They are always great to work with and we will contact them prior to the wedding to discuss wedding details and ensure everyone is on the same page


Do you charge for travel?

We charge an additional $50 for anything over an hour drive from our location


How do you keep everything organized with our music preferences and formalities?

We have an online DJ Questionnaire we have all of our clients fill out. The questionnaire outlines the entire wedding from beginning to finish. We take all of this information and meet about two months prior to the wedding date to go over everything and ensure the questionnaire is still accurate and help if you need any suggestions on songs.


How do you organize the order of events for the day of the wedding?

We help create a grand master schedule for your big day! We take all the information from the online DJ Questionnaire that we go over, and we plug it in to form a master schedule. This master schedule will be very detailed including the order of events, times things will be happening, and how they will happen. We do this to ensure that we always stay on the same page throughout the entire process, and we keep your wedding transitioning smoothly.


What time will the DJ arrive?

The DJ will arrive approximately 3 hours prior to the time of the wedding.


What do you need the facility to provide for the DJ?

All we need is a table and to have access to a power outlet.


Can we choose the music we want?

Absolutely! We want to curate to all of your Preferences! You can let us know all the artists you want played or do not want played. You can also tell us what songs you want to make sure are played and if there are any songs you do not want played during your day. 


How do you handle requests?

Anyone can come up and request a song. We will play the requested song at the appropriate time when it will suit the environment and fit into the DJ set to keep the crowd dancing and full of energy. We do always take requests, there just may be a slight delay depending on the song requested on how we work it in!


Can we observe an event?

We do not allow our clients to observe us at another couples wedding. We believe that on the day we are at someones wedding we need to be 100% focused on the Bride and Groom we are working with for that day! We believe they deserve our full attention and focus, and we do not want to distribute our time during that day trying to make a sale, as we feel that is disrespectful to the current couple we are working with.  And of course that same undivided attention is what you will receive on your big day as well if you book with us!


What kind of equipment do you use?

We only use professional high end equipment. Our speakers are all JBL Powered speakers, and Subwoofer. We use a professional light setup that will include Wash Led lights that will fill the room with color, as well as derby lights, and lasers to create a cool effect.


Do we have to pay extra for setup and tear down?

No, setup and tear down is all included in the package price.


Why should you choose HeadTrauma Entertainment?

Here at HeadTrauma Entertainment we are much more than just a DJ (or any other service) We walk by your side every step of the entire wedding planning process! We use our expertise to guide you a long and take off as much work and stress off of your shoulders as possible! We truly care about you and your event! Incredible customer service and talent is the standard here at HeadTrauma, and will be delivered for every event we are apart of! What we really pride ourselves on is going that extra mile, going above and beyond to help you, and be here for you whether is putting together your timeline, providing you with a free E-Book we wrote filled with tips and tricks to plan a wedding, helping you create your vision, or capturing your current vision and bringing it to life! Reliability, Talent, Customer service, and that extra mile will always be taken.